Top Eleven Game Review 2018

Top Eleven Game Review 2018

Former Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho remains the scowling face of the game, despite currently being jobless, and it still hasn’t escaped the spreadsheet-heavy look that betrays its origins as a 2010 Facebook game Top Eleven.

Matches in Top Eleven are played against other player’s teams, scheduled for actual dates and times – meaning you have to either make yourself available to oversee your team play via the basic 2D match engine, or return later to see how things turned out.

The problem, then, is what to do in between fixtures. Without model wives and nightclub brawls to indulge in, how can you fill your time? Training is the answer, and the main area Top Eleven has improved for its 2018 update.

Striking a balance between preparedness and exhaustion, you can now select a series of training drills – from a relaxed piggy in the middle to intensive sprint training – to set your team up for the coming fixture.

The more you train, the more you level up as a coach, learning additional drills to utilise in future sessions – a choice of three, in fact, each of which enhances your squad in a different area.

This is a lovely touch, almost like a football-themed Choose Your Own Adventure game. Are you a Roberto Martinez-style manager – attack-minded, focused on attractive football – or an unsophisticated, meat and potatoes, boot-it-up-to-the-big-man type, a la Sam Allardyce?

As before, there’s also a transfer component to dabble with in- between games, in real-time bidding wars against other managers Top Eleven.

You can take this even further with your approach on the training field, tailoring your regime with specific fitness tasks or tactical drills you would like your side to practice. These only take a short amount of time—mere seconds, generally—and so you can see your side grow quickly.

Overall Top Eleven offers a comprehensive, but not overwhelming handheld football management experience currently unrivalled in its field—with the Football Manager offering not quite matching the majesty of its full release. 2018, Contact us:


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