Online Soccer Manager Review 2018 – Osm Game

Online Soccer Manager Review 2018 – Osm Game

OSM is an easy game to play. There will be a tutorial for you on the game after you get an account. We will give you a few tips on here for you about the gameplay of OSM.

  • Take a look at Rooster section on team menu. Check your all players on the list and their abilities. Make your formation for your squad until you transfer better players for your team.
  • You can setup your tactics on “Tactics” section of Team menu. You can select playing style of your team, forward – midfield – defense players behaviors, pressing  –  style – tempo percentages, marking options, etc.
  • Specialists is another important section for you. Pick one of the best footballers of your club for penalty , free kick and corners. We recommend experienced players for captain status.
  • You can see some nice players on “Transfer List” section of the game. Keep checking this section to get cheap and good footballers for your club.
  • You can train your goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders and strikers on training ground. Unfortunately you will able to train one footballer per a training type. There is no training for team-wide.
  • There is also “Friendly” section on Training Ground menu. You can make friendly matches with local teams of your country on here.
  • You can see your fixtures, standings, cup matches and all incoming matches on “Games” menu of the game.

As mentioned before, due to online soccer manager being such a well thought out game, you have control over almost every single element of your team and its players. You can create different training sessions which you feel will be more efficient.

You can make negotiations for transfers as you bring your favorite player onto your team. Lead your team from rock bottom to sky high as you help them achieve victory through your superior strategy.

Perhaps the best thing about Online Soccer Manager is that your control doesn’t just go out the window when the actual game starts. You still have control during the game and if you feel that your tactics and strategy aren’t going as well as you planned then you still have the option of fine-tuning them in game for a better performance.

While Online Soccer Manager is a free to play game, it still has some elements that you can only get once you pay real world money for them. For a rather small amount of money you’ll be able to purchase a season ticket and this season ticket will give you access to a ton of useful features such as being able to scout foreign leagues and access to match commentary.

We have all been there; ‘if only he’d played three in the centre of the park instead of two we would have dominated possession’. Everyone can be a master tactician or manager from your armchair when watching your favourite team, but now the chance to prove your football knowledge and tactical nous has arrived in the form of OSM.

Signing up for Online Soccer Manager is completely free, however a raft of bonus features are available if you opt to purchase a Season Ticket for a small fee., such as match commentary and scouting foreign leagues. 2018, Contact us:

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