League of Legends Game Review 2018

League of Legends Game Review 2018

League of Legends is one of the first stand-alone multiplayer battle arena style games based off the incredibly popular DotA map for Warcraft 3.

Despite being one of the oldest stand-alone MOBAs, League of Legends remains the most popular. In fact, with over 67 million monthly active users, League of Legends is the world’s most popular PC game. League of Legends, and all other games in the MOBA genre, mix real-time strategy aspects with RPG elements. The premise of the game is quite simple – two teams of five battle it out and win by destroying their opponents main structure, called the “nexus”. Individual games typically last 35-45 minutes, but in some instances they can drag on for well over an hour.

With an ever-increasing pool of playable champions (120+) and radically new changes every season, League of Legends never gets stale. League of Legends is immensely successful because it’s fun at all skill levels. The basic premise of the game is easy to grasp, but mastering it takes years of dedication. Competitive players can test their skills in ranked matches and climb their way up the ladder. Currently, the ladder divisions are as follows: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, and Challenger.

It’s hard to deny the impact of League of Legends [official site] on the modern gaming scene. Instrumental in the foundation of modern game streaming thanks to driving interest to sites such as Twitch, and partly responsible for the enormous success of the MOBA genre as a whole, League itself seems to exist within its own ecosystem, free of networks such as Steam or Battle.net. Riot have built themselves an empire unto themselves, and the twin emperors have grown tired of the view.

In an official announcement, the two leading founders of the company, Marc ‘Tryndamere’ Merrill and Brandon ‘Ryze’ Beck, have announced that they’re stepping away from upper-level management and returning to focus primarily on development.

It is a free-to-play massive online multiplayer game where players battle against each other to meet certain objectives such as tower defending/attacking. League of Legends has also seen a constant rise in popularity not only in players, but in online visual entertainment, making millions from tournaments and professional players streaming their games. League of Legends has generated a total of 1.6 billion dollars the past year, and is only continuing to grow. Tournaments are available for all ages, prize money ranging from $5 gift cards to 1 million dollars in the competitive scene. If you’re reading this article, chances are that you have either played or known someone who has played this game.

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